We understand that a company can find itself in financial difficulty for a variety of different reasons and we will take time to meet with Directors and key management to understand what has happened within the company and how best we can help. We provide this service completely free of charge and without obligation.

It may be that the problem is less severe than first thought and can be remedied from raising finance, specialist grants or switching lending facilities, the sooner you speak to us the wider the range of solutions that may be available. We will explain all possible solutions, providing clear and constructive recommendations and ensuring that all options are explored before agreeing a course of action. Outlined below are a range of the solutions offered:


Appointing an Administrator is an intervention used when trying to keep a company trading. Administrators can be appointed by the courts, creditors and the directors themselves.

An Administrator has the power to trade, manage and sell the business as a going concern in order to maximize the return to creditors. An Administration Order provides the company with immediate protection and all action from creditors is halted so a rescue plan can be formulated.


Pre-Packaged Administration

A Pre-Packaged Administration or ‘Pre-Pack’ is when a company is placed into Administration and its business and/or assets are immediately sold under a sale agreement, which is arranged before an Administrator is appointed.

The liabilities remain with the company and only the assets are sold resulting in an attractive ‘package’ for sale.

Pre-Packaged Administration

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

A Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation or CVL is initiated by one or more of the company’s directors, who advise the shareholders that the company is insolvent because it cannot pay its debts as and when they fall due or has greater liabilities than assets.

A Liquidator is appointed and has the responsibility of collecting the company’s assets and distributing them to its creditors in accordance with the law.

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

Members Voluntary Liquidation

A Members Voluntary Liquidation or MVL is initiated by the directors and agreed by the shareholders, to place a solvent company into liquidation.

The company assets are realised by the liquidator, creditors paid and the balance is paid to shareholders. The funds received then attract significant tax savings for the shareholders.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

Company Voluntary Arrangement

A Company Voluntary Arrangement or CVA is an alternative to liquidating a limited company, allowing it to trade out of its financial difficulties over a specified period of time.

A CVA allows a director to retain control of the company and continue to trade without the burden of historical debts that can be a significant drain on cashflow. It is usual in these circumstances for creditors to accept a percentage payment of their debt over a five year period.

Company Voluntary Arrangement

Turnaround Strategy

Our experts can provide restructuring and refinancing services which may not necessarily involve a formal insolvency procedure.

We will carry out a full assessment of a business, identifying both the strengths and potential weakness of the company and highlighting areas of change or improvement. Working closely with management to develop a realistic and achievable business turnaround plan.

turnaround strategy

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