Focus Insolvency are delighted to announce the launch of their new Tax Debt Help & Advice Service. The aim of the new service is to assist our partners with negotiating settlements on outstanding debts with HMRC.

Our specialist department have a wealth of experience with negotiating a huge range of matters with HMRC. Their in-depth knowledge of HMRC’s criteria help them to achieve high success rates in coming to an agreement which is both manageable and acceptable to all parties.

Our Group Development Director, Andy Platt, said:
“We appreciate just how busy accountants are, and how precious their time is. Recently we have had numerous accountants asking for our assistance with negotiating with HMRC regarding tax debts. We have found that with HMRC it can be a box ticking exercise; if the outstanding debt perfectly fits their ideal for a 12 month repayment plan, then they are happy to swiftly come to an agreement.

However, in a situation where there are any circumstances that are slightly different from the norm, or a longer repayment period is required, negotiations always take a lot longer than one phone call! We can manage the negotiation on behalf of you and your client, taking as much of a ‘hands on’ approach as you require.”

If one of your clients need assistance with managing their tax debts, please contact our Tax Debt Help team on 0161 214 7913.