Quarter 3 Insolvency Statistics:


The overall number of insolvencies in England and Wales continued to fall. This decrease was largely driven by the decrease in compulsory liquidations, which fell between July and September to it’s lowest since Q31989


The total number of personal insolvencies decreased compared to Q3 in 2014, but increased from the previous quarter of this year. It is thought that this surge was driven by the rise in IVAs, the first such increase since the 2nd quarter of 2014. Bankruptcies and Debt Relief Orders figures have continued to decrease.

Key Findings, Companies:

Q3 saw a total of 3,539 companies enter into insolvency. This is a 4.4% decrease from the previous quarter and a 10.2% decrease from Q2 of this year.

612 companies were subjected to compulsory winding-up orders, a 20.4% increase on q2 and 29.2% lower than the same period in 2012.

Around 2,450 companies entered creditors’ voluntary liquidation, showing less than 1% decrease from the previous quarter and 4.3% decrease compared to the same quarter in 2014.

Q3 saw 363 administrations, 111 CVAs and an estimated 1 administrative receivership.  The estimated liquidation rate in the 12 months ending Q3 2015 was 0.46% of active businesses.

Key Findings, Individuals:

There were a total of 19,683 individual insolvencies in Q3, 2.8% higher than Q2. 10,197 IVAs were issued which was a 9.3% increase on the previous quarter.

There were 3,857 bankruptcy orders, showing a decrease of 3.3% on the previous quarter and a 21.4% decrease on the same period for 2014. It is thought that the introduction of DROs in 2009 has affected the number of bankruptcies. 5,629 DROs were issued in Q3, showing a 3.5% decrease from the previous quarter.  In the 12 months ending Q3 2015, 0.18% of the adult population became insolvent.