We understand that a company can find itself in financial difficulty for a variety of different reasons. It’s something we see on a daily basis. This is why we take time and care to meet with directors and key management to fully understand what has happened within the company and how best the situation can be resolved.

Every company is different and the reasons for their financial distress are often quite unique as well. With a clear understanding of the situation and a precise idea of the expectations of the directors we can plan and execute the best possible outcome for the company and staff as well as their creditors.

It may be that the problem is less severe than first thought and can be remedied from raising finance, specialist grants or switching lending facilities. The sooner you speak to an expert the wider the range of solutions that may be available.

But what are those solutions and which might be the most suitable?

If you or a client are unsure of your options then why not watch our series of ‘frequently asked questions’ videos which will take you through some of the most common solutions available to aid in corporate financial distress.

We begin with a couple of options for company rescue and continuation of trade.

Turnaround Advice

Turnaround video screen shot

Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

CVA video screen shot

We are happy to explain all possible solutions over the phone or at a meeting in a time and place to suit you or your client. We provide clear and constructive recommendations and ensure that all options are explored before agreeing a course of action.

If you are concerned about the future or your business or that of a client’s then get in touch today. Call 01257 257030 or email solutions@focusinsolvencygroup.co.uk.