Focus Insolvency Group are pleased to announce that they have opened two new regional offices providing advice and solutions for individuals and businesses struggling with debt and financial pressures.

The two new offices are located at Scarborough in Yorkshire and Cornhill in London and have been in operation since the beginning of September. They will work alongside their current head office in Wigan and regional office in Newhaven.

Anthony Fisher, Managing Director at Focus Insolvency Group, said of the new offices,

“Following the acquisition of Phil Stone Consultancy and Focus Debt Management this year, our services are sought after throughout the UK. As such we have taken the decision to open strategic offices in central London and the North East Coast to compliment the Lancashire and East Sussex offices. Our services continue to expand around the country and this is an exciting time for the group.”

The offices will not only be providing a full range of debt advice and solutions across the two new areas but will also support the insolvency firm’s regular regional debt advice open days.

The open days are a free support and rescue service available in carefully chosen locations across the UK meaning that the majority of the country are no more than an hour’s drive or commute from gaining free debt advice and solutions on a one to one basis.

The regional offices offer local access to a full panel of experts including Insolvency Practitioners and turnaround specialists but also accountants, solicitors and marketing specialists. They will be taking appointments direct from the public and local business owners as well as from local professional advisors wishing to refer clients they believe would benefit from the advice and solutions on offer.

The appointments provide a strategic ‘plan of action’ meeting designed to give confidential practical advice and rescue solutions that can be implemented immediately for those in even the most troubling financial difficulties.

Appointments can be booked at either of the new offices by calling 020 7305 5749 for Cornhill or 01723 238014 for Scarborough. Appointments for the Wigan head office, the Newhaven regional office or any of the open days can be booked by calling the main switchboard on 01257 257030.